Builds Gear Hero Gossen ( Holy Blade ) High Damage Set up

Mobile Legends : Hero Gossen ( Holy Blade ) High Damage Builds Set up Gear

Hero Gossen ( Holy Blade ) High Damage Builds Set up Gear

Gossen Mobile Legends Best Build High Damage dan Langkah untuk Build Hero Gossen Gear Item Guide game MOBA Mobile Legends, ini akan menjelaskan cara dan tahapan Build Item Hero Gossen Mobile Legends. Set gear apa yang cocok untuk Hero Gossen, Hero Builds berkaitan dengan Equipment yang dipakai Hero agar buff yang diinginkan bisa kita gunakan secara maksimal saat bertarung melawan musuh. Cek dibawah ini untuk selengkapnya tentang Builds Gear Hero Gossen yang cocok.

Background Hero Gossen : 

The Paxley family is one of the most powerful and prestigious magic families in the Land of Dawn and each member is raised to become a mage of the finest order. In their eyes, path of the magician is the most sacred and noble vocation there is and all those who brandish a sword in battle are merely weak, dim-witted fools. Gossen, however, is determined to break the mold. The patriarch's fourth son, Gossen, exhibited a high affinity towards light element at a very early age, but rather than spend his days with his nose buried in a book, Gossen would use his control over light to imbue himself with the speed to run laps of the family estate in mere minutes and to enchant old ceremonial swords with powerful light energy.

He always believed that the family elders were incurably stubborn and rebelled against their wishes at every opportunity. Finally, Gossen was given the chance to prove himself, when the time came for him to take the Paxley family's most important test, a rite of passage into adulthood. With Gossen's blistering speed in battle, his opponent was unable to lock onto his position, and with his light-charged blade, he claimed victory before his opponent even had a chance to launch a single spell.

The elders were in awe of his incredible form and fighting technique, but with their deep-rooted prejudice against physical combat and their strict adherence to tradition, they gave Fossen two choices: to either abandodn his fighting style, or be banished from the family. Facing such adversity and unable to control his rebelliously independent nature, Gossen chose to leave the family, convinced that soon the entrire Land of Dawn would know his name and understand the true extent of his power.

Hero tipe Assassin Gossen Moba Legends
Tahapan Build Set up Gear yang cocok untuk Hero Gossen Mobile Legends Builds Gear, item untuk hero Gossen saat Match Battle atau Ranked Mode.

Atribut : 

Atribut Hero Gossen
Kecepatan 260
Serangan Fisik 119
Kekuatan Sihir 0
Pelindung  18
Pelindung Sihir 10
HP 2578
Mana 460
Kecepatan Serangan 0.892
Pemulihan HP 39
Pemulihan Mana 16
Rata-rata Crit Serangan dasar 0
Rata-rata Crit Kemampuan 0

Hero Gossen ( Holy Blade ) High Damage Builds Set up Gear...

Gossen Builds Gear Item High Damage

  1. Bloodlust Axe
  2. Magic Shoes
  3. Rose Gold Meteor
  4. Blade of the 7 Seas
  5. Hunter Strike
  6. Malefic Roar
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