Builds Gear Hero Helcurt ( Shadowbringer ) Attack Speed Set up

Mobile Legends : Hero Helcurt ( Shadowbringer ) Attack Speed Builds Set up Gear

Mobile Legends : Hero Helcurt ( Shadowbringer ) Attack Speed Builds Set up Gear

Helcurt Mobile Legends Best Build Attack Speed dan Langkah untuk Build Hero Helcurt Gear Item Guide game MOBA Mobile Legends, ini akan menjelaskan cara dan tahapan Build Item Hero Helcurt Mobile Legends. Set gear apa yang cocok untuk Hero Helcurt, Hero Builds berkaitan dengan Equipment yang dipakai Hero agar buff yang diinginkan bisa kita gunakan secara maksimal saat bertarung melawan musuh. Cek dibawah ini untuk selengkapnya tentang Builds Gear Hero Helcurt yang cocok.

Background Hero Helcurt : 

In the museum records of the Lord of Dawn, there is said to be a mysterious race that once forget a great empire. This race was blessed with the power to swallow up light, for they are able to temporarily blackout a space. This was not the only talent they prossessed, as they also had the ability to blink through physical space, being able to surprise enemies for a sneak attack. What's most terrifyling about them, however, is what was on their tails, a concoction of naturally sourced poison, for those unfortunate enough to come in contact with the poison would should say their last words, but ultimately this is also what couse the demise of their very own race.

In the annals, it does not give the specifics on how this race went extinct, but it is certain that this terriflying race efinitely did walk upon on the Land of Dawn. Since their extinction, humanity had progressed prosperously, however, but the history books could not predict that one day these creatures would showly creep out of the shadows again...

Hero tipe Assassin Helcurt Moba Legends
Tahapan Build Set up Gear yang cocok untuk Hero Helcurt Mobile Legends Builds Gear, item untuk hero Helcurt saat Match Battle atau Ranked Mode.

Atribut : 

Atribut Hero Helcurt
Kecepatan 255
Serangan Fisik 121
Kekuatan Sihir 0
Pelindung  17
Pelindung Sihir 10
HP 2599
Mana 440
Kecepatan Serangan 0.87
Pemulihan HP 35
Pemulihan Mana 16
Rata-rata Crit Serangan dasar 0
Rata-rata Crit Kemampuan 0

Hero Helcurt ( Shadowbringer ) Attack Speed Builds Set up Gear...

Helcurt builds gear

  1. Raptor Machete
  2. Arcane Boots
  3. Scarlet Phantom
  4. Haas's Claws
  5. Windtalker
  6. Blade of Despair
Itulah urutan Builds Gear High Damage Hero Helcurt, silahkan mencoba Guys...

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