Hero Vexana ( Toxic Kiss ) High Damage Build Set up Gear

Mobile Legends : Hero Vexana ( Toxic Kiss ) High Damage Build Set up Gear

Mobile Legends : Hero Vexana ( Toxic Kiss ) High Damage Build Set up Gear

Vexana Mobile Legends Best Build High Damage dan Langkah untuk Build Hero Vexana Gear Item Guide game MOBA Mobile Legends, ini akan menjelaskan cara dan tahapan Build Item Hero Vexana Mobile Legends. Set gear apa yang cocok untuk Hero Vexana, Hero Builds berkaitan dengan Equipment yang dipakai Hero agar buff yang diinginkan bisa kita gunakan secara maksimal saat bertarung melawan musuh. Cek dibawah ini untuk selengkapnya tentang Builds Gear Hero Vexana yang cocok.

Background Hero Vexana : 

A long time ago, there was a small country with a kind and caring king and queen, held in high esteem by their subjects. Under the protection of the god of light, they lived a peaceful life. But deep under the ground, a lord of the dark abyss was being born out of chaos, thirsting for power. With the support of the Vampire Queen Alice, the Dark Lord sent an enchanting beauty to tempt the king and the king devoted everything he had to her, no longer caring for his people's existence. The queen's sanity was razed by flames of jealousy and to once again obtain youth and beauty, she made a deal with a demon and began her slow descent into the abyss. Everyday another young and beautiful maiden went missing and a panic fell over the people.

The country grew weaker with each passing day and the sacrifices demanded by the queen's sorceres grew as well. This devouring power suddenly caused the queen to turn wizened and frightening and she shattered her mirror. A thousand years have passed and this unknown kingdom has disappeared in the stream of history, leaving only the legend of the demon queen. Very few today connect this tale with the great and terrible Necromancer in the Land of Dawn. After all, it happened so, so long ago.

Hero tipe Mage Vexana Moba Legends
Tahapan Build Set up Gear yang cocok untuk Hero Vexana Mobile Legends Builds Gear, item untuk hero Vexana saat Match Battle atau Ranked Mode.

Atribut : 

Atribut Hero Vexana
Kecepatan 245
Serangan Fisik 107
Kekuatan Sihir 0
Pelindung  17
Pelindung Sihir 10
HP 2421
Mana 490
Kecepatan Serangan 10
Pemulihan HP 38
Pemulihan Mana 20
Rata-rata Crit Serangan dasar 0
Rata-rata Crit Kemampuan 0

Hero Vexana ( Toxic Kiss ) High Damage Build Set up Gear...

Pertama :

Glowing Wand

Kemudian :

Rapid Boots
Enchanted Talisman
Devil Tears
Holy Crystal
Blood Wings

Itulah urutan Builds Gear High Damage Hero Vexana, silahkan mencoba Guys...

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