Hero Johnson ( Autobot ) Heavy Tanker Build Set up Gear

Mobile Legends : Hero Johnson ( Autobot ) Heavy Tanker Build Set up Gear

Hero Johnson ( Autobot ) Heavy Tanker Build Set up Gear

Johnson Mobile Legends Best Gear Build dan Langkah untuk Build Hero Johnson Gear Item Guide game MOBA Mobile Legends, ini akan menjelaskan cara dan tahapan Build Item Hero Johnson Mobile Legends. Set gear apa yang cocok untuk Hero Johnson, Hero Builds berkaitan dengan Equipment yang dipakai Hero agar buff yang diinginkan bisa kita gunakan secara maksimal saat bertarung melawan musuh. Cek dibawah ini untuk selengkapnya tentang Builds Gear Hero Johnson yang cocok.

Background Hero Johnson :

Johnson, with a hardy constitution as a rock, when he ran through the dome stadium like a heavy truck, the cheers of girls burst out loud. He led the team to lift the champion's trophies and achieved his peak of his life as a super quarerback with milions fans around. However, fortune is always fickle. Alittle girl rushed to the road in a sudden while Johnson was driving his sport car. To avoid hitting on the little girl, his car crashed severely. Massive hemorrhage was going to take away his life soon in a minute. At tat moment, a miracle occurred, that the wreckage of the sport car started to blend into Johnson's body by a mystery force. Consequently, he not only just survived from the crash, also became a magical new human who can transform to a sport car.

Hero Tipe Tanker Johnson Moba Legends
Tahapan Build Set up Gear yang cocok untuk Hero Johnson Mobile Legends Builds Gear, item untuk hero Johnson saat Match Battle atau Ranked Mode.

Atribut : 

Atribut Hero Johnson
Kecepatan 2.55 Mana 0
Serangan Fisik 112 Kecepatan Serangan 10.325
Kekuatan Sihir 0 Pemulihan HP 42
Pelindung  27 Pemulihan Mana 12
Pelindung Sihir 10 Rata-rata Crit Serangan dasar 0
HP 2809 Rata-rata Crit Kemampuan 0

Hero Johnson ( Autobot ) Heavy Tanker Build Set up Gear...

Pertama :

Rapid Boots

Kemudian :

Demons Advent
Cursed Helmet
Bloodthirsty King
Blade Armor

Itulah urutan Builds Gear Heavy Tanker pada Hero Johnson, silahkan mencobanya Guys...

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