Hero Akai ( Pendekar Panda ) Tanker Build Set up Gear

Mobile Legends : Hero Akai ( Pendekar Panda ) Tanker Build Set up Gear

Hero Akai ( Pendekar Panda ) Tanker Build/ Set up Gear

Best Tank in Mobile Legends dan Langkah untuk Build Hero Akai Gear Item Guide game MOBA Mobile Legends, ini akan menjelaskan cara dan tahapan Build Item Hero Akai Mobile Legends. Set gear apa yang cocok untuk Hero Akai, Hero Builds berkaitan dengan Equipment yang dipakai Hero agar buff yang diinginkan bisa kita gunakan secara maksimal saat bertarung melawan musuh. Cek dibawah ini untuk selengkapnya tentang Builds Gear Hero Akai yang cocok.

Background Hero Akai :

Everyone has a dream, so does a clumsy panda! In an eastern village far away, there lives a group of pandas most of which enjoy a simple and happy life. However, a round panda called Akai made an unusual resolution to become a battle master! His parents tried to talk down his strange daydream, and his friend taunted him about his clumsy and round physique. Yet he never compromised and still trained himself hardly every day, eager to be stronger. One day, his persistence moved a mystic monk who just wandered to here. Under the monk's guide, Akai learned to use a chain hammer as his weapon which was extremely hard to control. He has been dreaming about starting an epic competition with other battle masters on the same stage in the Land of Dawn, and now here he goes with his most briliant appearance.

Hero tipe Tanker Akai Moba Legends
Tahapan Build Set up Gear yang cocok untuk Hero Akai Mobile Legends Builds Gear, item untuk hero Akai saat Match Battle atau Ranked Mode.

Atribut :

Atribut Hero Akai
Kecepatan 2.6 Mana 422
Serangan Fisik 115 Kecepatan Serangan 8.5
Kekuatan Sihir 0 Pemulihan HP 42
Pelindung  21 Pemulihan Mana 12
Pelindung Sihir 10 Rata-rata Crit Serangan dasar 0
HP 2811 Rata-rata Crit Kemampuan 0

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Hero Akai ( Pendekar Panda ) Tanker Build/ Set up Gear...

Pertama :

Bloodthirsty King

Kemudian :

Warrior Boots
Demons Advent
Ice Force
Blade Armor

Terakhir kamu bisa menjual Warrior Boots dan menggantinya dengan :

For More HP-Magic Resist-Shield

Saints Refuge

For More HP-Armor

Brute Force Breastplate

For More Attack-Attack Speed- HP

Crazed Reaper

Itulah Urutan Builds Gear Tanker pada Hero Akai, silahkan mencobanya Guys...

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